I have been a stay at home mom pretty since my first daughter was about six months old (she's now five and a half.)  I also have another daughter who just turned four.  They are eighteen months apart and everyone thinks they are twins!

When my first daughter was born, despite everything I thought I knew from reading all those wonderful parenting books while pregnant, my husband and I made just about all the mistakes in the book when it came to our baby's sleep.  I don't think we were unusual at all in what we did and many desperate parents don't ever get lucky enough to come across the information that I did which changed our lives.  Every sleepy, tired, frustrated and stressed parent deserves to know how to sleep train their baby or child so that everyone can be happy and healthy - that's why I created this blog...I'm in the process of writing the first post, which will be a tale of my mistakes (I'll try to not make it too long!) and then I will follow that up with some great tips and solutions that will hopefully help you and yours sleep better real soon!